LIVING a better life

Ever hear someone say they want to be LIVING a better life?   Most of us have at one time or another.  The comedy or tragedy depending upon how you look at it is this.  Those wanting that better life have just never realistically answered these five questions of themselves.

IF you want to Live?

WHEN do you want to live?

WHERE do you want to live?

HOW do you want to live?

WHY do you want to live?

Now this may sound cynical to a lot of people.  But it is reality, and the reality is this.  When you can honestly answer these five questions, you will finally have your reason enough to produce your WHY.  Make no mistake about this.  If you do, there are two things to consider.

1. You will risk always be feeling down trodden and feeling as though you are wanting more and missing out on life.

2. You may be subjecting yourself to living a lifestyle you do not want.

We all have certain specific desires in life.  The real question is what drives you to attain those specific desires.  What is your commitment level?

It’s Ok, you have your own permission, to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  So Just Go Do It!  Do ONE Thing per day to get you closer, just one thing.  Tell no one about what you have done, keep it to yourself, just go do it.  Countless great leaders, billionaires, millionaires, politicians have done this.  And they have done it secretly.  So why not You do it too?


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