“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the mind, is curiosity.”

– Edmund Burke

What an interesting quote.  Curiosity, it braves heroes, intertwines lovers, jails criminals, and begins learning.  Nothing bares and bears more than curiosity.

We see another person and we wonder who is this person in front of me, beside me, or even behind me.  What about them is unique, what interests them.  What are their passions, joys, fears, pains.

Today’s society and corporations and demands upon our time have encroached to a point that we no longer are able to take the time, to find these things out.  What of the time when we were afforded the time, to find out about that person mentioned above.

This brings me to the curiosity of … What if we decided to stop and really take the time to find out about them, just because, we can?

Interesting isn’t it?  So now that your curiosity is piqued, what of this?  Sort of makes you curious doesn’t it?

Talk show hosts do this every day.  Most call it an interview, but isn’t really just curiosity of who this person is that they are “interviewing”?  So why not become your own talk show host and take the time to find out who that other person is?

Part of your own personal Quantum Success Factor actually requires that you do this, else how would you grow, advance, and become prosperous.  Without curiosity, how would you be able to meet the needs of your spouse and family, your employer and get promoted, your lifestyle and dreams?

The possibilities and reasons for taking on such and endeavor of satisfying your own curiosity on something or someone are actually almost endless … aren’t they?


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