The Ever Present Future

The Ever Present Future


Are you a victim of looking so far into the future, that you forget about the present?

Puzzling question isn’t IT?

People talk about planning for the future, well, what if those plans for the future get … sidetracked by the present.

With our lives being so busy in today’s society, it is easy to overlook this simplicity of life.

What an interesting quandary.  Recently I had this very awakening…AGAIN.  Not that it’s bad, it’s not, but it is one simple thing, very enlightening.  It has certainly allowed me, and made me, look at the right here and right now.  It actually has made me become very dear with the present and also made me a better man.

Don’t mistake me, looking into and planning for the future is all well and good, but again I digress, it is the present that matters most.  It is after all, a present that we have been gifted with to be able to be in the here and now.

Remember, if you don’t know where you are, you will never know where you are going.  Make sure you take the time to see the forest for the trees, you might just find a new sapling sprouting from the earth that will provide the shade you need in your later years of life.


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